High Body Weight is no Longer a Problem with These 6 Exercises

High Body Weight is no Longer a Problem with These 6 Exercises

In a world in which obesity is on the rise, measures have to be taken to decrease the negative consequences this ailment has on the human population. Obesity, while being bad for your physical health, can have repercussions on our psychological health.

According to a recent study conducted on 18,424 Chinese adults from Taiwan, there are six types of exercises that have a better rate of reducing high body weight. The subjects were between 30 and 70 years old and all of them showed good results after they did at least one of these exercises.

It is worth mentioning that this study’s targeted subjects were people that were predisposed to obesity or were already in this category due to genetics or not. The fact that one person is genetically prone to obesity is no longer a determinant for leading an overweight life with no chance of becoming healthier. Exercising regularly is a sure method to turn the tables on the health. Researchers also discovered that by doing different types of workouts can decrease even more the risk of obesity.

In order for the study to be more accurate, the team of researchers have recorded data such as body fat percentage (BFP), waist circumference (WC), hip circumference (HC), and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).

The six best exercises and other types of workout that do not have the same results

The best six types of exercise that help you decrease the BMI are:

  • Regular jogging
  • Mountain climbing
  • Walking
  • Power walking
  • Dancing
  • Lengthy yoga practices

Running for 30 minutes three times a week can make wonders and the same can be said about walking. 

Exercises such as cycling, stretching, swimming and the ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ game are not as effective as they might seem to. It also seems that sports that happen in cold water are making people eating more because cold water makes people hungrier. For sports like weight training, table tennis, badminton or basketball, there was not too much data in order to study the effects on obesity.

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