Here’s What You Should Eat For A Healthier Breakfast

Here’s What You Should Eat For A Healthier Breakfast

People around the world have a different opinion on their healthy breakfast. Some eat bacon and eggs, some drink a latte, some take their coffee with biscuits and some drink a smoothie.

But a few out of these choices which have been thought healthy turned out to be the opposite.

Smoothies and Milky Coffees Are Not Healthy Breakfast Meals

The dietitian Susie Burrell tells us the dangers we didn’t take into account when we planned a healthy breakfast.

First of all, it’s important to eat before 9 am, for a healthy and productive metabolism. If you’re planning on keeping your figure and not gain weight, you should count all the calories in our food and beverage. For example, milky coffee has as many calories as a slice of toast and smoothies are very sugary. If you eat something else and drink coffee or smoothies, you don’t realize but you’ve consumed too many calories.

Protein is Important

Morning meals that have a lot of carbs like toast or plain cereal will not be filling enough until lunchtime. But here is where the protein will do its job: 20 grams of protein – the good quality one – will control insulin and glucose levels. Protein can be found in eggs, beans, yogurts, cheese or you can opt for a protein shake.

How to Make Your Mornings Easier

Susie Burrell’s advice is to prepare your breakfast the night before and be sure it has enough protein. Also avoid banana bread which is actually cake, Turkish toast and milky coffee or juices.

You can alternate breakfasts and eat a vegetable omelet or a vegetable juice. She also has a blog on which she posts recipes for healthy diets such as frittata muffins with salmon or chicken with vegetable stir fry and some brown rice for dinner.

Don’t forget to eat until 9 am, get some proteins and you should be healthy and fit!


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