Healthy Diet Offers a Longer Life

Healthy Diet Offers a Longer Life

Many people wish to enjoy a long and healthy life, but to accomplish this goal, some requirements have to be fulfilled. There are places around the world where people live a long and healthy life. For example, a large number of males that live for over one hundred years can be found in Sardinia.

Those who venture into the Japanese province of Okinawa could run into some of the oldest women on the planet. Dementia is almost nonexistent on the Greek Island of Ikaria.

The key to such feats can be quite surprising as the diet of these people is rich in whole foods, among which we can count leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grain. A diet that focuses on plants is essential for a long and healthy life, according to experts.

However, there is also an important fact. The people who enjoy longevity manage to follow such diets for their entire life, with a few exceptions. Most people can adopt a healthy diet for a time, but in most cases, they will renounce it after seven months.

Healthy Diet Offers a Longer Life

People who live in the so-called blue zones can maintain such diets because beans, grain, and vegetables are affordable and can be found easily. Their kitchens and cooking are also optimized to prepare them fast, and even the most common foods can be turned into a tasty dish thanks to great recipes and skilled cooks.

They also eat their meals in the company of people who enjoy this type of food, and reciprocity plays an important role. Few would eat a salad when the person who sits next to them enjoys a tasty burger or a big serving of pasta.

Factors like good social relationships, the feeling of living a satisfying life, and constant physical activity are also important in the long run. Many of them are easy to implement and follow.

Jeffrey Olmsted

Jeffrey likes to write about health and fitness topics, being a champion fitness instructor in the past.

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