Health Documentaries On Netflix That Would Change Your Views

Health Documentaries On Netflix That Would Change Your Views

The very idea that Netflix might be healthy for us is awkward. Usually, people spend too much time on Netflix, the most extensive video streaming service on the Internet, watching movies and TV series. However, Netflix is also full of health documentaries that would change your views on dietary habits, among others.

We’ve already debated the best workout videos on Netflix and the most exciting nutrition documentaries to help you eat healthier. Now it’s the right time to talk about the health documentaries on Netflix that would change your views, and we’re not talking only about your vision on dietary habits or foods, but also about the US opioid crisis and mental health.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

This documentary tells the story of Joe Cross which weighed about 136 kilos, followed an entirely unhealthy diet, while doctors warned him about the risk of premature death he was exposed to.

That was the time for Joe Cross to change his life and adopted a drastic diet based on a 60-day juice cleanse. Although most likely, this movie won’t make you ditch solid foods for 60 days, and it would teach you about the benefits of a healthy diet and the risks of overweight and obesity.

Heroin(e) (2017)

Even though it may have passed unobservable, a health crisis is affecting the whole world. And the most troublesome one is now impacting the US public health, namely, the opioid crisis.

Heroin(e), an Academy Award nominee and one of the best health documentaries on Netflix, talks about the opioid public health crisis and the lack of resources to tackle the opioid addiction.

My Beautiful Broken Brain (2016)

Dubbed as the best documentary of 2016, My Beautiful Broken Brain tells the story of Lotje Sodderland who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while she was sleeping and woke up with amnesia and speaking impairment.

However, not scared about her condition, Lotje started to document her condition and record selfie videos which make a significant part of the My Beautiful Broken Brain documentary.

This film, undoubtedly one of the best health documentaries on Netflix, got the contribution of the renowned American scriptwriter and director David Lynch.


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