What To Eat And What To Avoid If You Have Diabetes

What To Eat And What To Avoid If You Have Diabetes

The advice of doctors and public health specialists for diabetic patients includes references to the composition of daytime meals.

There are recommendations for patients diagnosed with diabetes that you should take into consideration:
1. Experience as much as you can in the market and try to cook the food you eat. Even if some products are promoted under the label of “organic product”, the amount of ingredients used (salt or sugar) cannot be certain.
2. The diabetes diet should contain as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible. Avoid fruit with high fructose content such as bananas, grapes, mangoes, mandarins. Instead, you should eat apples, apricots, berries, plums, cherries, red melon.
3. Eat daily low-fat dairy products such as low yogurt, milk or cow cheese.
4. Whole grains, rich in fiber.
5. Fresh food.
6. Remove the salt from the diet or significantly reduce its intake. Salt consumption favors water retention, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and high blood pressure, disorders that, associated with diabetes, can cause many complications.
7. In the diabetes diet, you can consume one or two eggs a week.
8. Eat foods rich in calcium and potassium, such as: orange, pomelo, spinach, broccoli, cabbage.
9. In diabetes, you may eat red meat twice a week in small portions.
10. Give up on pastry and bakery products. Instead, consumption of whole bread and products such as oat biscuits or dietetics is recommended. According to the specialists, in order to be effective, diabetes diet should follow the rule of the three main meals daily, with two snacks between them. The diet should also be complemented by a physical exercise program.


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