Does Watching TV Before Bed Stop You Losing Weight?

Does Watching TV Before Bed Stop You Losing Weight?

Do you know that watching television before going to bed stops you from losing weight? It is not enough to just follow a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis to lose weight.

It’s simply that there are certain fundamental principles that must be applied, as well as others that must be abandoned. In this context, we will demonstrate a nighttime behavior that you should avoid if you want to reduce weight.

That is why it is important to consider the everyday activities we engage in, particularly at night, as they will be required to keep a normal weight and, if you really desire weight loss, will also have an impact on the process.

But how can this usually happen?

As per experts, watching Television is a bad habit to stop if you want to lose weight since it not only encourages a more sedentary life, but it may also lead to weight gain and sleep disruption.

Furthermore, studies have found that decreasing TV time in half might result in an extra 120 calories burned each day. This amount is not small when multiplied by the number of days in a year, allowing you to shed substantial weight. The reason, according to specialists, is that the TV screen produces blue light, which disrupts the circadian cycle and makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

According to specialists, the nighttime practice of viewing TV will shorten sleep cycles. As a result of sitting in front of a computer affecting your comfort, you are more likely to experience weariness in the morning and choose a more sedentary lifestyle. This not only interferes with your objective of losing those excess pounds, but it’s also harmful to your health.

This does not imply that you must fully abandon the practice of watching TV at night to lose weight, but that you may watch television for no more than an hour and then workout to help you feel better before sleep and lose weight.


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