Does Moderate Alcohol Drinking Increase Lifespan?

Does Moderate Alcohol Drinking Increase Lifespan?

According to a study called “The 90+ Study”, people who drink alcohol moderately could live longer than those who do not drink. It’s an old French belief, in fact. In the land of wine, it is necessary to consume wine, logically. But, for real, does moderate alcohol drinking increase lifespan? Suffice to say that the belief of the positive effects of the daily wine glass is well-anchored. But, is this true?

A study conducted by Californian researchers says wine is indeed beneficial

“Why some people live longer than 90 years and others do not?”. That was the question the study tried to give an answer to.

The researchers studied the data collected from1,700 people between the ages of 90 and 99 to find out more. And surprisingly, those who drink moderately were more likely to avoid the causes of premature death in comparison to abstainers.

However, is moderately drinking truly linked to a longer lifespan?

In fact, not really because scientists couldn’t find any clear connection between cause and effect and only proved the belief that alcohol increases lifespan statistically and not medically.

These are a whole set of parameters that come into play. If you do not drink much, you probably have a reasonable diet, an active social life, and so on, all of which are beneficial to increase lifespan.

Above all, the risks of excessive alcohol consumption are real

Binge-drinking has terrible effects on your body.

In any case, regular moderate consumption will be safer than occasional heavy consumption. Among the other elements highlighted by the study as being likely to lengthen your lifespan are, in fact, some simple tips on how to have a healthy life:

  • Walk at least 15 minutes a day at an accelerated pace;
  • Adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle;
  • Practice between 15 to 45 minutes of physical activity, daily;
  • Drink wine moderately, especially red wine, because it contains antioxidants which are beneficial;

In conclusion, moderate alcohol drinking increase lifespan but only if it is connected to a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, it has only been statistically proven and not medically.


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