Dietitian: Vitamins and Supplements You Should Take in the Morning

Dietitian: Vitamins and Supplements You Should Take in the Morning

Waking up in the morning might not be a pleasant activity for everyone, especially for night birds. Some people struggle to fall asleep at night and then feel very tired in the morning. Some of us sleep well but still feel tired while waking up. Others might feel like they are fully functional mid-morning. For all of us, there is a perfect moment when we should take supplements and vitamins to receive an energy boost.

Start your day with the perfect choice of supplements

Not all of us might need supplements and vitamins, but health providers can run tests to find that out. Afterward, in the case we need to take several supplements, there are some of them which work better if taken in the morning and others work better if taken later during the day.

B vitamin complex

If your health provider prescribes you supplements containing B complex vitamins, then the perfect time for you to take them is in the morning, on an empty stomach. The recommendation is made to make sure that maximum absorption is achieved and that we receive our energy boost early in the day. There are several types of vitamin B, such as vitamins B6, for PMS and keeping your hearth healthy or vitamin B12 for vegans and vegetarians. MSN also mention that those who take their vitamin B supplements later in the day might experience problems with falling asleep at night.

Vitamin C: for our morning routine

Vitamin C might also be useful for many of us and sources mention that there are several things we should take into account when ingesting it. The best time to do it is in the morning. It is not advised to ingest two different supplements at the same time. There are also water-soluble vitamin C supplements for those who do not enjoy the process of ingesting hard medicine.

The conclusion is that you should ask your health provider about the perfect time when you should take your prescribed supplements and if you can combine them with water or food or other medicine.


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