Diet Drinks Linked To Obesity And Diabetes – Aspartame And Sweeteners Are Making You Fatter

Diet Drinks Linked To Obesity And Diabetes – Aspartame And Sweeteners Are Making You Fatter

Aspartame, Acesulfame K, and other sweeteners do not have the weight loss effect promised in the commercials for diet Coke or similar drinks. Instead of promoting weight loss, these drinks are associated with an increased risk of getting fat and may also develop obesity, when used in the long-term.

The producers of these diet drinks argue that by limiting the sugar intake, these products lead to weight loss. But there is not even a single scientific study to confirm this idea.


Despite the promises made in the commercials and on the labels of diet drinks, these are not helping people lose weight.

In fact, diet drinks pose for overweight and obesity, according to a recent review of other 37 studies on this topic published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Thus, when are consumed in the long-run, the diet products promote weight gain. The longer the consumption lasts, the stronger the link.

Artificial sweeteners to lose weight – Only a marketing scheme

Brands that produce this kind of diet drinks and products (for example, Diet Coke) play on a scientifically proven fact, namely, that the sugar poses for weight gain and diabetes.

By these sugarless drinks and products, the producers induce to the consumers the idea that sugarless drinks are healthy and, even more, necessary to lose weight without quitting drinking favorite sodas.

Diet drinks increase the appetite

One of the theories elaborated by the researchers is that sweeteners increase the feeling of hunger. The consumers would, therefore, crave for more sugar or fatty foods after consuming diet drinks.

The microbiome, or the intestinal flora, would also be disturbed by the diet drinks. Thus, in consequence, diet drinks would also pose for diabetes which could be developed faster under the influence of aspartame, acesulfame K, and other sweeteners.

Besides, artificial sweeteners in diet drinks could also pose for the development of other metabolic disorders.

In conclusion, diet drinks, such as diet Coke and other similar drinks pose for obesity as aspartame and sweeteners are making you fatter and pose for diabetes development, even faster than regular sugar.


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