Childhood Obesity Rates Are Rising In The US, A Recent Study Reveals

Childhood Obesity Rates Are Rising In The US, A Recent Study Reveals

A recent study on obesity in children has been conducted in February by the scientists at the Duke Health Institute and revealed that, actually, the obesity rates are rising in children, despite previous surveys’ results that stated that the childhood obesity rates are declining.

Causes of childhood obesity
Another study conducted by M.F. Rolland Cachera from INSERM demonstrates that those children who have taken too many proteins from foods and too few lipids before the age of 2 present the most severe form of obesity. Therefore, in the first years of life, it is recommended to consume mainly lipids, not proteins.

Also, too much TV favors compulsive eating as the kids have been observed during a study to eat mechanically, without perceiving that they eat. Unluckily, the majority of kids eat lots of unhealthy snacks when watching TV. Specialists recommend parents to replace the snacks with healthy foods such as almonds, nuts, or pistachios.

Maybe the biggest cause of childhood obesity is the lack of physical activity in children. Nowadays, many kids are into technology more than previous generations. Now, children are spending hours on smartphones, computer, or watching TV, thus, they are not anymore doing any physical activity.
The childhood obesity rates are rising

“In previous years, we had thought as a community that the prevalence of childhood obesity was stabilizing if not in some instances going down. There had been some celebrating that we had turned the corner on the epidemic, but across all age groups, the rates of obesity are going up,” admitted Sarah Armstrong, one of the study’s authors.

According to the researchers at the Duke Health Institute, childhood obesity has been on the rise for 30 years but the greatest increase has been recorded only in the last couple of years.

Therefore, just between 2014 and 2016, the obesity rates in boys increased by approximately 6% reaching to about 14%, while the obesity rates in girls increased by about 12% reaching to 47.9%.

In total, approximately 35% of the kids in the US are overweight or obese.

The study is meant to increase the public awareness regarding childhood obesity rates, especially because childhood obesity can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


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