Can Kids Get a Proper Healthy Vegetarian Nutrition?

Can Kids Get a Proper Healthy Vegetarian Nutrition?

We all know the fuss people make when they hear kids are vegetarians. A study shows that 1 child in 200 is vegetarian. People assume it is the parents’ fault or even that they induce this diet to their children. But in some of the cases children might hate meat, they won’t eat it and we worry about their diet lacking protein and other important nutrients.

Consult a Nutritionist

The question at hand is how can you, as a parent, provide your kid a diet without forcing them to eat what they don’t like?

Here comes the help of a nutritionist, such as Tara Gidus, that states that with a planned diet can help someone get all the nutrition they need and be a vegetarian.

Not eating meat equals losing protein, but it can be easily replaced at every meal with other products: at breakfast, protein comes from soy milk or regular milk with cereal and walnuts. At lunch, there are always enough options such as a salad with some soy or a bean burrito. For dinner, they could eat a veggie burger.

Fruits, veggies and grains (such as cornmeal, oats, wheat, and rice) should be often consumed often every day, with at least 6 servings or more.

If You Don’t Properly Balance The Diet, It Might Not Be Healthy

If there’s no meat in the children’s diet, they have to replace the source of protein with something else. Vegetarians should also take a B complex Vitamin supplement because it’s difficult to get in their diet. There’s also a lack of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that must be replaced with soy and legume foods.

Why Do Young People Turn For a Vegetarian Lifestyle?

Some of them love animals, some are doing it to spite their parents and some children really don’t like meat. Some young people chose this diet because it’s a good personal choice.

The great thing about this diet is that there are plenty recipes and solutions that can help a vegetarian get all the nutrition in order to live a healthy life.



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