How To Burn The Most Common 6 Types Of Body Fat

How To Burn The Most Common 6 Types Of Body Fat

On the Internet, there are lots of weight loss diets, exercises, and weight loss supplements that promise to help but, however, some of these methods don’t seem to work for everyone. A recent study involving 4,000 overweight and obese people revealed that there are some only 6 types of body fat.

Here’s how to burn the most common 6 types of body fat.

1. Upper Body Fat

This category includes people who eat a lot and do not make enough physical activity. Thus, the high intake of calories is not consumed, resulting in upper body fat.

To get rid of it, you should restrict the calorie intake and increase physical activity.

2. Lower Belly Fat

The fat deposited in this area is caused by psychological factors such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

Get rid of your lower belly fat by learning how to relax. Also, exercises that target the abdomen muscles and green tea consumption are also recommended.

3. Lower Body Fat

Women are more affected by lower body fat than men because of their genetical structure that dictates the body to deposit more adipose tissues on the thighs and buttock areas. Also, a diet rich in gluten has been linked to this type of body fat increase.

Cardio and strength exercises are recommended for those who want to get rid of this type of body fat.

4. Abdominal Body Fat

This type of body fat is caused by excessive alcohol consumption or respiratory problems.

Avoiding alcohol in excess, practice breathing techniques and making a lot of physical activity might be helpful.

5. Lower Legs Fat

Lower legs fat affects women, especially the pregnant women and those with circulatory problems at the legs level.

Aerobic exercises, legs massages, and avoidance of a sedentary lifestyle are helpful in this case.

6. Abdominal And Upper Back Fat

Lack of physical activity is the main cause of these types of adipose tissues.

To get rid of these fat types you should supplement your diet with more fiber-rich foods, spend more time walking or jogging, and limit the consumption of sugars.

The above methods on how to get rid of the most common 6 body fat type should be always combined with a balanced diet rich in all the body’s necessary nutrients.


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