Breast Cancer Treatment Is Interfered By Obesity, A New Study Reveals

Breast Cancer Treatment Is Interfered By Obesity, A New Study Reveals

Obesity interferes with the fight against breast cancer, according to doctors from the General Hospital of Massachusetts in the United States. Fat deposits make tumor cells insensitive to therapy, according to the researchers.

Such conclusions were made by specialists after studying approximately 100 patients with cancer.

Overweight and obese patients don’t respond well to the anti-cancer treatments

The scientists used an anti-cancer medication to fight the formation of new breast cancer tumors and the development of metastases, according to the research report. It turned out that overweight patients react the worse to the treatment in comparison with the breast cancer patients with a good physical condition.

In overweight or obese patients, the breast cancer tumors were 33% larger.

At the same time, in the area of accumulation of malignant cells in these patients, there are fewer blood vessels. This can affect the response to chemotherapy and makes it difficult for the medication to penetrate to the area where the tumors are.

The Millenials are more affected by overweight, thus, are prone to develop cancer

Even more, the scientists found out that more than 70 percent of women with breast cancer are overweight or obese.

Previously, scientists found that the members of the generation “Y”, also known as ‘the Millenials’, often suffer from obesity at an age of between 35 and 44 years old.

Generation “Y’ members, born in the late 1980s, like to read and talk about healthy eating, bio-foods, and physical activity such as fitness or jogging but only a few of them apply what they learn in their lives, as many of them follow unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and become overweight or obese.

The study concluded that breast cancer treatment is altered in a negative way by overweight and obesity. Besides, overweight and obesity, characterizing ‘the Millenials’ more than other generations, can cause cancer, especially breast cancer in women.


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