Best Yoga Workout Mats

Best Yoga Workout Mats

If you are just getting into yoga, you might think that any mat is good enough but that is far from the truth! Not only is the quality of the material important but you will be pleased to learn that there are even different types of yoga mats as well, some better than others depending on your goals, fitness level or the type of yoga you are planning on practicing.

Most yoga mats may look the same but they are not created equal so there are quite a few things you should consider before purchasing your very own.

How Do You Choose the Best Yoga Mat for You?

  1. According to the owner of Bend and Bloom Yoga, Amy Quinn Suplina, “Many cheaply-made yoga mats are slippery on the floor but also underfoot, and require you to really brace and grip in your poses. You want a mat that has just enough texture and grip for you to easily find your foundation without extraneous effort.”

Otherwise, you might find yourself focusing much more on just trying not to slip than on improving your posture.

  1. Furthermore, you should know all too well the kind of yoga you are practicing.

National teacher trainer and bestselling yoga book author, Christine Chen, explains that “If you are practicing the most popular style, Vinyasa, I would stay with a 4 mm or 5 mm thick mat so you do not sink into the mat and you can feel the floor under you.”

Quinn Suplina also adds that you should “consider how sensitive you are when bearing weight on your shins and knees or reclining.”

  1. Make sure to balance mobility and comfort really well. For instance, while good cushioning may feel really good during long yoga sessions, you should also take into consideration that those tend to be heavier and bulkier so they’re not the best thing to carry around.

But if you practice mostly or even solely at home, getting a thick mat is totally fine and you can rest assured that you won’t have any issues because of that.

If, on the other hand, you commute a lot to and fro a gym for instance, you might benefit from choosing a thinner, lighter yoga mat instead.

Good yoga mats are supposed to provide you with comfort and stability, keeping you from sliding during the most challenging poses so this is a great criteria to follow when trying to pick a good one.

Furthermore, if, on the other hand, you are still on the fence about starting your yoga journey, here are some of the most notable advantages of regular yoga practice, according to the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health:

–       It can reduce neck, knee and lower back pain,

–       Reduces depression, anxiety, stress and improves mental health in general,

–       Burns calories and so it can assist you in losing weight if this is one of your current goals,

–       Reduces menopause symptoms,

–       Helps with quitting smoking,

–       Aids in managing chronic disease symptoms,

–       Reduces tension headaches,

–       Improves sleep.

Not only that but, Harvard Health states that yoga can really have a positive effect on cardiovascular risk factors as well, lowering blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels in those diagnosed with diabetes and reducing the need for meds!

Of course, like any other physical activity, especially in the beginning, it also does come with a risk of injury which is the main reason why you should be well informed when purchasing your very own yoga mat as the right kit will significantly reduce your risk of injury.

A really good one will also provide you will all the confidence you need to give those challenging positions a try!

You will also be happy to learn that there are vegan and eco-friendly options on the market as well, which is perfect if you are especially concerned about the environment and want to do your part in protecting the planet.

Yoga teacher Ro Grogan suggests: “I really rate a cork mat from somewhere like Cork Space – it is sustainable, natural and grounding. Everyone’s different, but you want a yoga mat that really suits you visually. A bit like our clothes, your mat should also spark joy.”

Your level is an important factor as well. If you are a new practitioner, you should be totally fine getting a more average, accessible yoga mat but if you are a veteran, it would also make sense for you to want to invest in an upgrade.

As mentioned before, the type of yoga you do matters a lot too.

For instance, if you are planning on trying hot yoga, you’ll need a mat with plenty of grip that will keep you from slipping around while all sweaty in a heated room.

Furthermore, it should also ideally be made out of a material with an antimicrobial layer and have sweat-wicking properties.

And although most yoga mats are quite long, if you’re particularly tall, you should consider getting an extra long one just to be safe.

After all, practicing on a mat that’s too short for you may mean you won’t be able to properly extend some of the poses which is quite counterproductive since many people start doing yoga in order to improve their posture in the first place.

However, if you will be practicing in a crowded studio, you should check the space they have available to ensure that your extra long yoga mat does not end up over the edge of somebody else’s mat during class, making it inconvenient for both of you.

You can find mats of different thickness from as thin as 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) to as squishy as 1/4 inch thick (6.3 mm).

Keep in mind that if you are interested in slower, restorative styles such as yin yoga, you will benefit a lot from a thicker mat.

The reason is that you will need to stay in position or lie down for a longer period of time which means you should make sure you are comfortable all throughout.

On the other hand, if you are more into faster yoga styles such as Ashtanga or Rocket, stay away from grippy mats since they will most likely affect the flow of your movements, interrupting them.

As mentioned previously, the ones with a lot of grip are perfect for hot yoga but not as good for fast styles.

If you are planning on improving your flexibility by doing yoga or are a beginner, you will benefit from using a mat with alignment marks etched into it in order to aid your form and technique.

For those who are planning on making yoga a routine they can do at home, every day, you should also consider adding some yoga blocks and other such props and accessories to help your practice.

Finally, when you’ve already established everything functionality-wise, you might also want to consider picking a yoga mat that pleases your eye!

After all, many come in a variety of fun colors from muted, to neutral to vibrant!

Not only that but some are even available in different patterns you’ll definitely love to have in your home or gym!

All in all, regardless of the kind of yoga mat you need, you’ll soon learn that the number of options on the market for each can be daunting.

After all, it can still be really difficult to choose the best one for you or one that is made out of really good, durable materials, after understanding the type of mat you should pick depending on the type of yoga you’ll be practicing and your level of experience.

So where to start? Well, while there are many well known brands out there, some more accessible than others, this guide will make everything even easier for you by providing you with an extensive list of options. There is something for everyone!

Furthermore, each product also features Amazon links where you can purchase your perfect yoga mat and start your yogi journey or take it to the next level super quickly and easily.

    1. Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat is an accessible and great quality options everyone can trust whether they are getting their very first or if they are looking for a brand new mat to replace their latest.

It is 4 mm wide and offers more than enough cushioning to make the poses comfortable for you without sacrificing stability.

Furthermore, thanks to its double-sided texture, it provides a lot of great traction so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

And the design is simple but still really beautiful!

One happy customer shared on Amazon that “This specific mat lasted quite well in the several months I’ve been using it. This was the first yoga mat I purchased for myself. When I started practicing yoga, I did not know if I am going to be consistent. That is why I preferred to begin with something simple and upgrade over time.”

    1. BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

The BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat is a best selling product with no less than 70,000 great reviews on Amazon which means you can trust it’s great quality!

Not only that but it is ideal for people of all sizes since it measures 24 inches in width and 71 inches in height.

It’s also half an inch thick, providing great cushioning and support, perfect for people with sensitive, knees, backs, hips and elbows

It also provides great grip to keep you from slipping and possibly injuring yourself during the most difficult poses.

Reviewers describe this yoga mat is durable and quite stable.

It is made of natural rubber and it’s perfect for beginners as well as advanced yogis thanks to the cushioning.

Others suggest that the mat is a little sticky, which might feel a little weird in the beginning.

However, they ensure people that this really contributes to the extra stability it provides, keeping even the sweatiest of students from slipping and losing their flow.

On the other hand, this feature can make some transitions such as upward dog to downward dog a bit challenging but with a little practice, that’s not a huge problem and might even help you become a better, stronger yogi!

It also comes with an adjustable strap which will come in handy if you want to travel with your yoga mat or store it in a nook for workout gear by simply hanging it up.

At the same time, you may still struggle with transporting it since it’s quite bulky.

One reviewer says that “It feels like heaven on my back. I could even sleep on it, in an emergency. Lastly, it has Velcro straps to hold it together, and also a nice shoulder sling. It’s perfect!”

    1. JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat

The JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat has great grip so you won’t have to worry about slipping during practice.

It is made out of non-toxic natural rubber and provides practitioners with just enough cushioning.

    1. Yoga Design Lab The Combo Yoga Mat

The Yoga Design Lab The Combo Yoga Mat is the perfect choice for those who like hot yoga.

After all, this yoga mat is made with just enough support and grip so you won’t be slipping around when all sweaty in the hot room.

Los Angeles based yoga instructor and run coach Theodora Blanchfield says that “It combines a mat and towel in 1 in order to prevent slipping around when you get sweaty.”

It has a velvety feel and the design is gorgeous.

Not only that but this one is even washing machine friendly so you won’t have to worry about all the sweat soaking into your mat and accumulating in there forever.

Furthermore, it is available in two sizes – 3.5-mm and 5.5-mm – so you can choose based on your own personal needs or preferences.

“If I had to describe what the mat is like, it is basically just like a huge mouse pad. It is soft on top and does not feel as rough on my old lady knees. I have always had quite a hard time with my hands slipping everywhere with my previous mat. This mat is just SO much better so far,” one reviewer shares.

    1. Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat is thick and, as the tittle also suggests, reversible and is one of the most popular picks on Amazon!

The surface is non slip so you won’t have to worry about your posture no matter how sweaty you get during practice.

Perhaps the best feature of this mat, however, is the thick cushioning that will provide you with enough stability, especially if you have sensitive joints and need all that extra support and comfort.

While it’s designed for yoga, you can also just turn it around and use it on a core workout too!

One reviewer on Amazon shared about this product that “I am a yoga instructor and love Gaiam mats because they are not outrageously expensive, are actually a good value, and do the job that you need them to do. 5 mm thickness is great for basic yoga as well as most traditions, including flow practices. I also recommend a 5 mm thickness as comfort for older students or anybody with minor joint issues.”

    1. Gurus Sprout Yoga Mat

The Gurus Sprout Yoga Mat is recommended for those who struggle with really sweaty palms and feet!

That’s because this travel mat is made out of a sustainable material that is more than able to keep you in place even during the most challenging poses and when you’re soaked in sweat!

After all, when compared to foam mats, cork ones react to the sweat and actually becomes more grippy as a result which improves traction.

Furthermore, since cork is naturally antimicrobial, you won’t have to worry about cleaning it as often either!

“I have really sweaty palms and feet, which is always a big problem with yoga, but with this mat I never even have to think about slipping, let alone feel it. I have found much more stability in my practice, even in poses such as crane where I never thought there had been a problem before,” says one Amazon reviewer.

    1. Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

The Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat is another great non slip yoga mat.

Not only that but it’s actually really special given the fact that it is made out of recycled wetsuits, which is good for the environment.

After all, the wetsuits are kept away from landfills and instead, receive a new life as yoga mats, becoming an important part of your practices!

This mat is also quite thick which means you won’t feel the floor no matter how sensitive your knees and elbows are.

In addition to that, there is some texture there as well, keeping you from slipping during practice.

A reviewer explains that “I love this mat for hot yoga—no need for bringing a towel to cover your mat. This is thicker and a little bit heavier than other mats I have used, but I LOVE how it feels. I feel extra grounded when using the mat. It looks super cool, too, and I enjoy seeing the small bits of super colorful wetsuits.”

    1. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat is perfect for all people who are just starting out their yoga practice due to the fact that it features alignment lines on the top layer, meant to help newbies adjust their hands and feet while transitioning through the poses.

The double layer will provide you with some extra grip as well so you can avoid slipping and instead, maintain your balance perfectly.

In addition to that, this product comes with a really useful carrying strap that will allow you to take the yoga mat with your wherever you want to bring it.

One Amazon reviewer says that “I highly recommend this mat, whether you’re a beginner or a little more seasoned. The quality and the features are on par with $80+ ‘pro’ mats, but at a much friendlier price point!”

  1. Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat

The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat has a multi purpose design, the rubber side is scratch proof and is also non slip.

It measures 26″ x 71″, is 5mm thick and weighs 2.38kg. Since it is a little on the heavier side, keep in mind that it may not be the most portable.

Of course, that is not the worst thing if you use it at home or drive to the gym so it all depends on your own situation.

It is made out of Polyurethane, rubber and latex and comes in a variety of pretty colors including rainforest green, black/tiger, dark red, white, black, sonic pink, true navy, pink mist, chalky rose and more.

This mat really deserves all the hype. It is durable, well made and does great in all conditions be it in dry or wet environments so you can only focus on practicing the newest poses instead of slipping around or bone and joint pain.

The springy texture will provide great cushioning for your joints.

It also features a thin layer of polyurethane as well as a ‘sweat-wicking’ natural rubber base that does a really good job absorbing moisture.

Not only that but the mat’s antimicrobial additive will also prevent bacteria from building up.

There is no question as to why so many reviewers call this the “best mat they’ve ever used!”

One reviewer stressed that this is “the ultimate mat. Quality is unbeatable. Versatile from yoga to HIIT and this mat will last you, so great value for money.”

  1. Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat

The Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat measures 72″ x 24″, it is 4 mm thick and weighs 2 kg.

It is made out of natural latex and is non slip and provides yogis with great grip!

Not only that but it is also eco friendly and comes in a variety of great color options including, cornflower blue, marina green, nerine pink, slate, mountain green and more.

This product really lives up to its name when it comes to the amount of grip it provides.

In addition to that, it also provides practitioners a lot of stability and support no matter the type of yoga they like to do.

The sticky latex surface allows this mat to withstand hot yoga sessions easily and to make it even better, it’s non slip, improving your stability and your balance during poses such as downward dog.

Just keep in mind that the stickiness comes with a downside – it’s a magnet for dust and dirt.

It also picks up marks more easily than most as well but don’t worry – cleaning is easy.

Furthermore, if you just store it in a carry bad between uses, not much dust will accumulate anyway, fixing most of the problem.

It’s made out of natural latex, which is generally a good thing but you should, of course, avoid it if you’re allergic but also if you don’t like that strong odor that comes with new latex products.

It will wear off in time so it’s not a huge deal breaker for most.

If you’re planning on doing headstands on it, it has to be noted that it may be a little too thin for that so add a towel for some extra protection.

With all that being said, this mat has plenty of five star reviews and praise thanks to it being so durable and providing so much great support.

Happy buyers also love the design and overall look of the mat and the fact that it’s biodegradable!

Many reviewers also mention purchasing this mat multiple times so it must do something right!

  1. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

The Alo Yoga Warrior Mat measures 75″ x 26″ and is 5 mm thick and weighs 2.7 kg.

It is made out of rubber and Polyurethane leather and comes in several color options including: smoky quartz, hot pink, honeydew, highlighter, jungle, eclipse, dose grey as well as black and white.

It is non slip and has a great grip which means it’s a really good pick for those who like practicing hot yoga.

On the other hand, it picks up dust and dirty pretty easily and it’s rather heavy so it’s not the best for those who practice yoga away from home.

Despite this, there is no doubt that this is one of the prettiest and most high quality mat you could ever invest in.

It looks and feels luxurious and is also made from non toxic ethically sourced rubber, which provides yogis with great grip, preventing slippage.

 Furthermore, it has an extended length of 75″ or 6.2ft so it’s ideal for yogis on the taller side.

It’s 5 mm thick which means it’s really durable and comfortable.

The moisture wicking material also makes it a perfect option for hot yoga since it helps with keeping its grip.

It comes in a variety of color options with a matter finish that contributes a lot to the premium feel.

But perhaps the best perk you can get is the fact that upon purchasing this mat, you will get a free 30-day trial of Alo Moves, which provides buyers with access to unlimited fitness, meditation and yoga classes, all led by professional instructors.

No wonder this mat is often ranked at the top of “best yoga mats” lists and that there are so many happy reviewers singing its praise for how great quality it is and feels.

  1. Heathyoga TPE Body Alignment System Yoga Mat

The Heathyoga TPE Body Alignment System Yoga Mat measures 72″ x 26″ and is 6 mm thick.

It also weighs 1.2 kg or 2.8 lbs and is made out of Thermoplastic elastomers.

It comes in several great colors such as charcoal, grass green, purple, blue and pink.

Since the grip is firm, it’s another great option for hot yoga and you’ll also be pleased to learn that it’s eco friendly.

Since it’s extra thick, you won’t have to worry about your comfort or safety during practice but that could also be a slight inconvenience if you’re planning on taking it with you places.

The corners also tend to roll up and it’s recommended that you keep it away from extreme heat – which is fair!

If you’re new to yoga, this mat is a really solid ick due to the fact that it features marks for hands and feet placements making proper posture from the beginning a lot easier while keeping newbies from the risk of injury.

It is also easy to clean, slip resistant and when it’s unrolled, it remains all flat, as it should.

It has the right amount of cushioning for standing poses and it’s really durable so you’ll be able to enjoy it for a really long time before needing to repurchase it.

In addition to that, it’s longer as well as wider than most standard yoga mats and comes with a free Velcro strap and carrying strap.

On Amazon, no less than 77 percent of users gave it 5 stars, having an impressive average of 4.6 stars so it’s very apparent that it gets a lot of love.

It appears that they were mostly impressed by the cushioning, the non slip surface, the grip and the alignment guide design which really helped beginners with getting into the right positions from the start.

On the other hand, the more negative reviews mentioned the initial odor of the rubber when first using it.

    1. Yogi Bare Paws Extreme Grip Yoga Mat

The Yogi Bare Paws Extreme Grip Yoga Mat measures 70″ x 25″ and is 4 mm thick.

It weighs 2.5kg or 5.5lbs and comes in a variety of colors including dark green, blue, red, black and grey.

It feels super smooth and is made out of vegan materials, providing a wonderful grip.

On the other hand, you should know that it being on the heavier side means it is not easily portable.

It also contains latex so for those allergic, it’s not the best choice.

But if none of that is a problem for you, you’ll enjoy this mat’s non slip tech and eco friendly natural rubber that will help you stay in poses for longer.

Regardless of the dynamic moves you’re trying or how much you’re sweating, this mat will do a good job keeping you in place no matter what.

From a simple downward dog to more dynamic moves such as crow and fallen star, this mat keeps you in place regardless of how much you’re sweating.

The thickness it provides is more than good for vinyasa flow and hot yoga as it is for more strenuous exercises like HIIT.

However, if you know you have sensitive knees, you might reorient yourself to a thicker mat as this one might not be enough to protect them from a little pain.

While it appears to pick up dirt pretty easily, especially when used on carpet, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s rather easy to clean with some warm water and lemon juice.

Furthermore, it is designed with laser etched alignment guides so you’ll get in position properly from the start.

It’s made out of vegan friendly rubber with water based dyes.

87 percent of Amazon reviewers have given it full marks for an impressive average of 4.8 stars so you know they love it for a reason!

More precisely, many praised it for all of its premium features including its thickness, good size for tall people and non-slip design.

On the opposite end, the more negative reviews came from people not very happy with the initial rubbery odor or the fact that the grip loosened a little after a few months of use.

    1. Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

The Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat is a latex free mat with a really special fabric-like surface.

It is also made out of a “closed-cell” material which contributes to preventing moisture and sweat from soaking into the mat.

Furthermore, it features a number of fun color options you’ll have a hard time picking between!

This mat also has really dense cushioning, providing yogis all of the stability and support they need.

It is also super easy to clean and great at sealing out moisture so you can even trust it in the hot room.

It may be a standard mat but it’s still a reliable one you won’t regret purchasing.

    1. JadeYoga Harmony Mat

The JadeYoga Harmony Mat is made out of natural rubber, providing yogis with some extra grip and it’s almost a quarter of an inch thick

Furthermore, you may be happy to know that for every mat sold, the manufacturing company promises to plant a tree.

Not only that but if you choose certain colors, part of the proceeds will also be donated to charity.

In other words, the mat not only feels good to use due to the fact that it has such a great grip and cushioning but you’ll feel good about investing in it as well thanks to the charitable element and it being eco friendly.

This is a mat with a great grip, perfect for both power and hot yoga classes.

If you are looking for a long lasting mat, this is the one for you!

    1. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

The Liforme Original Yoga Mat is an eco friendly option since it’s biodegradable within five years when in landfill conditions.

In addition to that, this item comes with comprehensive guidelines that will come in handy if you wish to improve your form.

It has great grip and is one of the best options out there for people who are alignment-conscious practitioners.

    1. Balance From GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat

The Balance From GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat is for those who like to base their purchases on the opinions of the masses as this one has many good reviews you can trust.

In fact, it’s the top seller on Amazon so it makes sense many more continue to buy it.

The thickness it provides is also great for yoga beginners, ensuring that all poses feel as comfortable as possible, even on hardwood floors.

It also has a great grip, keeping practitioners from slipping and sliding when sweaty and trying to smoothly transition through the poses.

    1. Iuga Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

The Iuga Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat may just be the one for you if you’re just starting and want to test the waters.

This is because it’s rather accessible but still manages to be rated 5 stars!

It also provides practitioners with all the grip they need when they get really sweaty.

One happy reviewer says that “I attend hot yoga 2x’s per week one a 90 minute class. This yoga mat is the BEST!!!! It absorbs like a sponge. My hands do not slip.”

    1. Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat

The Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat is another popular dual sided option that many yogis out there already use and love!

It has a built-in microfiber towel on one side, perfect for hot yoga, while the other one is more cushiony which means it’s pretty much the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, it comes in a bunch of different pretty colors.

    1. Primasole Yoga Mat

The Primasole Yoga Mat has more than 1,200 five-star ratings on Amazon and it’s no surprised as to why!

It is a rather simple option but it really does its job well so it makes sense it’s won over so many yogis regardless of their experience levels.

It has a comfortable, extra thick construction so it’s especially great for those who tend to stick to floor poses, supine ones in particular, as it will ensure your spine is well protected.

    1. Halfmoon Essential Yoga Mat

The Halfmoon Essential Yoga Mat is 4 mm thick and is ideal for beginner yogis and it makes sense as to why!

After all, it is designed with a sticky surface that helps practitioners grip more easily and avoid slipping on the mat.

  1. B YOGA Everyday Yoga Mat

The B YOGA Everyday Yoga Mat is a great option for those who tend to slip or skid on their yoga mats a lot.

If it seems like a problem no matter how many yoga mats you try, give this one a try – you may be pleasantly surprised!

It is also light enough to carry everywhere easily and provides not only a superior grip but also great cushioning.

    1. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat

The Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat is another top rated mat that is available in either half-inch or one-inch thickness depending on your needs or preferences. Regardless, both options are super cushy so you won’t have to worry about your joints or bones.

One reviewer shared on Amazon that: “I have wood floors and sensitive joints and my skinny cheapo yoga mat was not cutting it. This one is perfect. The thickness is perfect. It’s very comfortable if you need to be on your back or kneeling for exercises or poses.”

    1. Primasole Folding Yoga Mat

The Primasole Folding Yoga Mat is one of the best selling mats on the market due to the fact that its design is ideal for those who want to practice yoga in nature or in the park!

Since it’s foldable, you can put it into most totes or backpacks and take it with you anywhere you want.

At the same time, it’s sturdy enough to stabilize your practice whether you’re using it on dirt, grass or even sand.

    1. YogaAccessories Extra Thick High-Density Yoga Mat

The YogaAccessories Extra Thick High-Density Yoga Mat is a great choice if you are looking for a mat that is super durable and resistant to not only the most rigorous yoga flows but also to pilates routines and bodyweight workouts.

This is because it’s a high density mat you won’t have to worry about getting damaged anytime soon.

Not to mention that this mat is made out of foam and latex free so it’s the perfect pick for those who have a latex allergy.


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