Best 30 Fitness Classes, Movies and Videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube

Best 30 Fitness Classes, Movies and Videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube

It’s no secret that traditional television has pretty much become obsolete! Nowadays, people watch everything they want to watch online, and even shows can now be accessed and often binged on television networks instead!

Basically, networks such as Netflix have almost completely replaced traditional TV, allowing people to check out whatever they wish anywhere, at any time, on any device, be it on their phones, smart TVs or tablets.

And it makes sense as to why! Not only is it more convenient this way but truth be told, no one likes having to wait for a TV program or series to appear when the television schedule wants it to.

And it has a lot to offer no matter what your interest or goal is, even exercise videos, movies or actual classes being available.

That’s right! If you have been looking for a great alternative to having to go to the gym all the time, you should try working out from home under the professional guidance of your TV!

This sort of strategy comes in handy not only if you’re too busy to always drive to and fro the gym but also if you are someone who is struggling with self-confidence and does not feel comfortable exercising in front of strangers.

All in all, it’s safe to say that workout exercises on streaming platforms like Netflix can really make a huge difference in your life and overall health.

By following these programs diligently and eating healthy, of course, you are bound to see results in just a few weeks!

You can look at these videos as attending free fitness classes by an actual trainer and you don’t need any prior preparation – just follow them blindly and you’ll be healthier and stronger in no time.

There really is no need to go to a gym if you have access to all kinds of useful workout videos from home.

To make it even more interactive and engaging, you could even join live classes from the comfort of your own home on Amazon Prime and other similar platforms.

If you are still not sure how efficient a home workout plan really is, just remember that most people do not need a super intense routine like bodybuilders and gymnasts do.

It’s more than enough to just be consistent and try your best to move as much as possible on a daily basis and you’ll soon reach a level of fitness you’ve never been able to achieve before.

The results also depend of your goals and personal situation in general.

Maybe you want a better figure, a healthier, stronger body or to add some muscle!

Either way, keep your expectations realistic, be kind to yourself and let some of these fitness videos motivate you like never before to reach all of your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, some of the workout videos provided here are no longer available on Netflix but you can still find them online, mainly on YouTube and other platforms so don’t worry!

Furthermore, Netflix still features a number of great fitness movies and documentaries that are found to inspire you to work on your goals like never before, even on those days when you want to just lounge on the couch and binge on something all day.

With that being said, here is an extensive list of fitness classes, workout documentaries and other exercise-centric videos you can check out right now on any of your devices!

  1. “The Game Changers” (2018)

If you are a vegan and are trying to get in your best shape yet, you will definitely appreciate this documentary.

It is all about former UFC fighter James Wilks who is on a guest of his own to learn all about protein, strength and meat all the while interviewing some other great athletes who have chosen to follow a completely plant based diet instead.

  1. “Fittest In Dubai” (2019)

This documentary focuses on some of the most successful athletes out there as they try to qualify for the first CrossFit Sanctional event ever.

All in all, this is a story that reminds us all that achieving your fitness goals is not a reason to stop reaching for success.

  1. “Ronnie Coleman: The King” (2018)

This 2018 production follows the titular name and eight-time Mr. Olympia winner, exploring how his incredible dedication to fitness led to him becoming one of the best bodybuilders in history.


Booya Fitness has pretty much revolutionized the idea of attending fitness classes. This is because it brings a huge number of different workouts from nearly thirty different studios!

That being said, you can rest assured that you’ll most likely find anything you want to try out, including Strength Conditioning, Bootcamp, HIIT, Yoga, Posture, Pilates and more!

Not only that but, as you can guess by now, you can stream all of these classes online on any device, allowing you to focus on your fitness from the comfort of your own home.

To pick the right one for you, either download the app or go to their website, where you will be able to browse based on things like your available space, your equipment and time.

All you have to do aside from that is set your fitness goals, energy levels, and pick one of the many types of workouts available!

You can even look up workout types by topic as well if you are on the lookout for something more exciting than your run of the mill routines.

With that being said, if this is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are categories you will most likely not even find at your local gym anyway which is win-win!

Some of these unique, rather specific categories are: “Brides to Be,” “Good for Moms” and even “Mental Detox” so you can rest assured that there is definitely something for you on here!

Every workout type comes with clear, easy to understand descriptions that also include the equipment you need, the length of time each exercise takes, as well as the number of calories you will burn by doing it.

Another great feature is that you are also able to preview each class thanks to their “Watch Out” notes, which lets you get mentally ready for the next day’s exercise routine as you’ll know what to expect.


The ClassPass subscription connects more than 10,000 studios from all over the world and they decided to continue taking over the planet by launching ClassPass Live, a platform that focuses on boutique-style fitness classes.

The classes are transmitted live every weekday from their New York based studio.

This means that you can always tune in from Monday to Friday every hour between 7 AM and 12 PM (EST) as well as from Monday to Thursday, every hour between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM (EST).

Obviously, the varied schedule allows anyone to tune in no matter how busy they are or their type of work schedule, which is obviously really convenient.

But even if your work situation is more unique and your schedule still clashes will all the live classes, there is still a solution for you – go on demand!

That’s right! Along with your monthly subscription, you will also get access to streaming on-demand workouts so there is nothing to worry about!

They currently specialize in HIIT with five focus areas: upper body, lower body, cardio, core and full body.

While core, lower and upper body focus on target areas, they all still promise to energize your while body during the 30 minutes long interval training.

When compared to Booya Fitness, ClassPass has the advantage that it offers real time feedback and motivation – both rare features when it comes to working out from home.

There is also a starter kit that includes includes a Google Chromecast (in cause you don’t already have one) and a heart rate monitor.

By using the heart rate monitor during the live sessions, the instructors will be able to give you useful feedback based on the metrics measured in real time!

And if all of this is not motivational enough for you to keep going and reach your goals, maybe the leaderboard, where you can clearly see all of the other attendees’ performance along with your own, may just do the trick!

  1. Strong

“Strong” is a fitness series by Gabrielle Reece and features 10 amazing episodes.

But the number 10 is actually much more significant that that as the series is all about 10 women who pair up with an equal number of professional personal trainers (some of the best out there) to complete some really difficult fitness challenges.

While the loser gets eliminated, the winner is, of course, declared the strongest!

This is truly a transformative competition that shows some of the toughest fitness challenges out there that, even though you can’t try yourself, will be super entertaining to watch!

  1. Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger” stars the famous 5 times Mr. Olympia winner, talented actor and politician.

It follows Schwarzenegger at the age of 28 and his progress while training in the gym before competing for his sixth title.

This is an amazing time capsule but also something you can definitely check out to get some motivation yourself as it’s definitely an inspiring journey to follow.

  1. Calum von Moger: Unbroken

“Calum von Moger: Unbroken” is a workout video released on Netflix back in 2019.

It is 1 hr and 33 minutes long and is suitable for people over the age of 16, so just keep that in mind.

This fitness movie follows titular Bodybuilder and two time Mr. Universe, Calum von Moger as he reflects on his rise to fame but also his personal battle to make a much anticipated come back after suffering a debilitating injury.

  1. “Generation Iron 2” (2017)

There is no doubt that maintaining the spotlight once recognized for one’s achievement in the bodybuilding scene can be really tough.

The documentary “Generation Iron 2” released in 2017, follows some of the top bodybuilders out there competing to achieve the ideal body.

  1. ”Generation Iron 3 (2018)”

Released the following year, “Generation Iron 3” is a movie that documents athletes as they try to achieve all of their fitness goals in order to compete in the Mr. Olympia competition.

By watching this production, you’ll most likely realize just how different the idea of the “perfect figure” is for different people, even amongst bodybuilders!


“Mission 360” focuses on meditation, yoga and fusion fitness, aiming to bring the very best coaching sessions and studio classes to everyone interested in joining as a member.

At its basis, the goal is the same – letting you achieve all of your fitness goals without the need to even leave your house!

However, there is something bigger that they also aspire to reach and that is to create a true, positive community and make a real change in people’s lives no matter their schedules and other unique situations.

If you sign up for a monthly membership, you will be able to stream a number of on-demand classes as well.

This program mainly focuses on fusion fitness which is a hybrid workout that mixes at least two different types of exercise.

As subcategories, there are a variety of yoga types, HIIT, stretching, tonic and much more!

One of their biggest categories of classes is meditation.

They range from really short to longer sessions and include things like breath awareness and mindfulness, skills anyone can develop in order to improve their wellbeing and live more relaxed, stress-free lives.

You can also browse by specific instructors and studios in order to find out what you are looking for.

With all of that being said, the best part of Mission 360 is not even their variety of unique classes but rather the fact that they also offer one on one coaching sessions1

You could also try out some other, more basic areas such as wellness, health and nutrition.

Furthermore, they even have intimacy, relationship and marriage experts.

Or, if you want to try out something truly different, you could also pick hypnotherapy, energy healing or crystal healing!

Finally, no matter which one of these is the best fit for you, you can always rest assured that these online sessions are flexible, allowing you to join regardless of the place and time you are available.

  1. Eddie – Strongman

“Eddie – Strongman” is a collection of health and exercise videos first released on Netflix back in 2015.

They are 1 hr and 38 minutes long in total and are suitable for people over the age of 16.

It follows British strongman Eddie Hall and all the grueling life choices he takes in order to fuel his obsession of becoming the strongest human in the world.

  1. What the Health

“What the Health” was first released in 2017 and is 1 hr 32 minutes long.

Furthermore, it is recommended for people over the age of 13.

These exercise videos look into the link between certain diseases and a poor diet as well as the billions of dollars that are at stake in the pharmaceutical, food and healthcare industries.

  1. The Magic Pill

“The Magic Pill” stars Pete Evans and William Davis and is an exercise video released back in 2017 that lasts for 1 hr and 29 minutes.

It features farmers, chefs, doctors and other such specialists, all weighing in on the famous but quite controversial keto diet and its supposed power to get rid of common illnesses.

  1. The Game Changer

“The Game Changer” is another collection of workout videos Netflix released back in 2018 that last for about 1 hr 25 minutes in total.

It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and James Wilks, top athletes and visionary scientists, starting a mission to discover the perfect diet for human health and performance.

  1. The Real Miyagi

“The Real Miyagi” by Fumio Demura are fitness videos released on Netflix in 2015.

They last for 1 hr and 21 minutes in total and are suitable for people over the age of 13.

They follow karate master Fumio Demura, sharing how he was able to spread this discipline in the West, managing to influence Hollywood and win many devotees.

  1. “Froning: The Fittest Man in History” (2016)

“Froning: The Fittest Man in History” is a biographical film that follows the intense training routine of Rich Froning Jr. as he gets ready to compete for his 4th CrossFit Games title.

  1. “The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father’s Eyes” (2019)

“The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father’s Eyes” is a documentary about the fascinating UFC Champion.

It focuses on how holding on to your dreams can really lead to wonderful things in life, even becoming a true icon in your preferred field so it’s safe to say it will inspire and encourage you to keep going on your own journey as well.

It explores her own rise to becoming a UFC Champion the world will never forget.

  1. “The Truth about Alcohol” (2016)

“The Truth about Alcohol” makes giving up on drinking for good a little easier, if this is one of your goals this year.

This documentary released in 2016, explores all the benefits but also all of the risks of consuming alcohol so it is safe to say that you will learn a lot by the end of it.


The trademark of indoor cycling, Peloton, is the perfect medium for home workouts!

After all, this is what this company is all about, both in terms of the experience it can bring as well as accessibility!

These high tech bikes feature a 22-inch touchscreen that is easily able to offer people direct access to their live spin classes based in their New York studio.

Furthermore, you can join up to 14 rides every single day so no matter your schedule and routine, you won’t have any excuses not to focus some of your time on your fitness as well.

The rides available also vary in type, duration and music style so you’ll never get bored and instead, you can look forward to each session.

Or, if you are running out of time, you could also just hop on the bike for a 20-min HIIT ride!

But if on the other hand, you have more free time, you can pick a 45-min ride and sweat to different music genres such as country, EDM and hip-hop instead.

And if you can’t join any of the live classes, you could opt for streaming any of their on-demand classes instead!

Peloton even links the instructors’ radar with your live metrics regardless of how far you are from their location in NY.

The bike measures your resistance, cadence, power as well as the total output and the numbers will determine your position on the leaderboard so you might get some extra motivation to try your best!

After all, if you are really good at it, you will be able to push hundreds of other people behind you on the list!

On the other hand, if the instructor notices you are not taking the class seriously and giving it your best, they may call you out!

Having access to spin classes 24/7 from the comfort of your own home sounds like a total dream but you should remember that you’ll need to purchase a bike first, if you don’t already own one.

And, of course, you’ll have to subscribe to the streaming workouts as well in order to get full access to all of the Peloton benefits. Otherwise, it will be just another stationary bike!

But if this is something that sounds great to you, it’s all worth it!

Not to mention that they offer a variety of other classes to stream as well, just as a bonus.

More precisely, the members can also take part in bootcamp, strength, running, stretching and cardio classes.


One of Peloton’s core strengths is mixing efficiency with simplicity and this program is no exception.

The Tread features an impressive  32 inches screen with a great display as well as a high-quality sound system that will make you feel like you are present at the New York City fitness studio with the trainer rather than at home in your own workout space.

Just like with the bike, this also allows you to track your performance and compare it to the ones of other participants through the feature of the leaderboard.

Another great feature of the Tread is the low-impact running belt that allows you to run on it without feeling that pain you may experience for too long on a concrete road.

It makes exercising much more comfortable and exciting.

In fact, it’s so smooth that with enough attention and care, it can still be used even while recovering from something like a knee injury without any pain.

Furthermore, because the screen is so big, you don’t always have to do workouts on the treadmill.

Peloton offers a number of different full-body workouts you can try out by using their additional accessories.

More precisely, two sets of weights, a set of resistance bands, and an exercise mat are included.

Not only that but you can also choose to get a pair of JBL x Peloton wireless earbuds and a glass water bottle from the same brand.

If the rest of your family is on the same fitness journey as you, you will be pleased to learn that Peloton also offers a Family pack that you can use to include everyone!


Tonal is an intelligent fitness system that is able to pretty much bring the entire gym to you through the use of one single piece of equipment!

This amazing machine is mounted to a wall and has a huge screen and two adjustable arms.

The smart bar and handles use digital weights that will allow you to adjust the resistance through the pressing of one simple button.

It is safe to say that this is pretty much the future of fitness!

These digital weights allow you to use any weight starting with 1 pound up to 200 pounds!

But that is not even all! They can also keep track of all your reps, sets, volume, power and motion range of your exercise sessions.

Furthermore, Tonal will personalize your workouts from the very beginning by using your strength assessment.

The weight recommendations on day one are actually based on your current as well as desired fitness label.

But perhaps the most impressive feature it comes with is the real-time adjustments.

The machine is able to learn algorithms and adjust the weights based on your personal performance at each moment you use it.

There is just nothing as techy out there when it comes to the fitness world so it might just be worth the investment!

As for the coaching, Tonal has a 24-inch screen that shows fitness metrics but also lets you stream a number of different workouts.

At the moment, they are offering fitness programs, on-demand single workouts and even a live studio classes.

You can rest assured that, as per their promise, all of this and more will be delivered by the “best of the best” fitness instructors in the United States.

All in all, if you are looking for something completely digital that will make you feel like the future is here, this is a great product for you.

Just make some space for it in your house and working out will never be the same again!

  1. “Westside vs. the World”

“Westside vs. the World” is a documentary released back in 2019 that is 96 minutes long.

It is another perfect watch for those passionate about fitness, allowing you to still learn a lot about your passion even during those rest days where you’re allowing your muscles to get some well-deserved rest.

  1. BeFiT Transform: 17 minutes best workout videos on Netflix

BeFiT Transform is a fitness session that promises watchers visible results in no more than 30 days!

It is a full-body workout that will definitely help you get in shape without the need of visiting a personal trainer or dietician.

  1. Crunch: Boot camp training

“Crunch: Boot camp training” is a 30 minutes long workout DVD by fitness instructor Seu Hitzman.

It features things like squats, quick exercise, pushups and more, all important exercises if you want to keep or get your body in shape.

All you need to join this activity is 5 to 10 lbs dumbbells! They are more than enough to take your results to the next level.

Of course, you also need to stay consistent and work hard for the results to show up so take that into consideration.

  1. 10 Minute Solution

“10 Minute Solution” is the perfect solution for those who feel like exercising is really hard and they can’t find themselves enjoying it no matter what.

Obviously, working out is not easy for most people but that’s not to say you should do it no matter how much you hate it.

All you have to do, instead, is find something you do enjoy at least a little bit!

That being said, maybe try out Fat Blasting Dance Mix – who knows, perhaps music, dance and aerobics are more your jam and this may just be the ideal combination that will lead to you getting in the shape of your life.

Furthermore, another advantage is the fact that there is no need for any equipment – not even dumbbells!

All you need is to stay consistent and dedicate around 50 minutes to it every day and you will certainly get the results you want.

  1.  “The Reeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth”

With that being said, there is no doubt that it is really hard to achieve what they have achieved.

However, that’s not to say you can’t still watch them and get some motivation out ot it!

After all, they are giving it their 100 percent to reach their fitness dreams so maybe if you give at least 10 percent of that, you will see your own desired results in no time!

  1. Bikini ready fast



If you are looking for something that will get your body looking its best this summer season, this might just be the thing to watch!

Using these great sessions will help all women out there feel confident at the beach.


29.”Crunch :Candlelight Yoga”



 “Crunch :Candlelight Yoga” reminds us all, once again, that this practice is also good for the mind, not just for the body!

That being said, in this 45 minutes-long yoga session, Sara Ivanhoe shares with the viewers how to have a beautiful body and mind so make sure to check it out and maybe give it a try and see the transformation inside and out!



  1. Michael Olajide – Killer Abs and Back




“Michael Olajide – Killer Abs and Back” is a 41 to 45 minutes long, intense workout session.

For it, you will need two 5 lbs dumbbells, a body bar and a jumping rope!

As the title also suggests, this workout session focuses on two main areas – the back and the abs – two of the hardest to tackle for most people.

With that being said, if you are struggling to burn fat from those areas and reveal your hard muscles underneath, give this session a try. Remember, just stay consistent and the results will eventually appear!

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