Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise: Which One Should You Choose?

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise: Which One Should You Choose?

Aerobic and Anaerobic are two different kinds of exercise. The difference is in the amount of oxygen that is used during the exercise. Anaerobic exercise causes your heart rate to go up and down quickly, while aerobic exercise causes your heart rate to remain steady.

In anaerobic exercise, there are insufficient quantities of oxygen to keep up with the level of activity you are performing. The body increases its production of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue and soreness as well as a burning sensation in muscles. You may have experienced this if you’ve ever gone on a 30-second sprint or tried an ab workout that calls for repeatedly crunches until failure.

Aerobic exercise occurs when there is enough oxygen for the activity at hand. This type of exercise is what makes your heart stay at a steady pace and keeps your breathing from getting heavy. It can be a big challenge to keep your heart rate steady when doing anaerobic exercise since it’s so much easier for it race out of control.

Which one is better?

Both types of exercise have benefits for overall health and wellness but should be incorporated into one’s fitness regimen in moderation to avoid injuries and excessive fatigue. Exercising too much can lead to illness and injury due to strain on your muscles and joints. If you find yourself feeling overworked and worn out after completing a routine workout, it may be time to switch things up a bit or consider exercising less frequently.

Both aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises can significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness, but anaerobic exercises also help you build muscle mass. Both types of exercise can help you lose weight and achieve a healthy body composition if you are consistent with your training regimen.

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