Aerial Yoga: Your Next Fitness Obsession

Aerial Yoga: Your Next Fitness Obsession

With all of the fads, diets and workout trends out there, is it any wonder people sometimes struggle to stay committed? Different workouts and techniques keep popping up like weeds, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. The only constant seems to be that we are always looking for ways to stay fit, healthy, and energized.

But fortunately, aerial yoga is a workout trend that is here to stay and is definitely worth trying out. Aerial yoga, or aerial silks, is a form of yoga that incorporates silk hammocks, straps, and harnesses. This means that you work your entire body, but in a way that is very “low impact.” Because you are suspended in the air, there is no pressure on your joints or back.

You can perform aerial yoga on silks almost anywhere, so you don’t even have to leave the house to get started. Aerial yoga is a lot of fun, and many people that try it stick to this form of yoga because it is so challenging and fun. While traditional yoga can be stressful, people find that aerial yoga is very relaxing.

  • Aerial yoga is a great way to challenge yourself.  As your flexibility improves and your balance improves, you will find it easier to work into the more difficult poses.
  • Aerial yoga also makes you accountable for your exercise, since you have to work to stay in balance.
  • Aerial yoga has also been found to reduce stress and anxiety. This is because, as you work to stay in balance, you are forced to focus on your body and your breathing. This helps to reduce stress levels and tension.
  • Aerial yoga is easy to learn, and people with all levels of yoga experience can give it a go. Aerial yoga is not competitive, so you can push yourself as hard as you feel comfortable. Aerial yoga is great if you hate traditional cardio workouts.


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