A Healthy Snack Idea For Your School-Age Kids’ Lunch Box

A Healthy Snack Idea For Your School-Age Kids’ Lunch Box

Those parents who have children between the ages of 3 and 10 who attend kindergarten or school often struggle to ensure that their kids consume healthy foods that allow them to grow healthy. Therefore, you must always prepare healthy snacks for your school-aged kids’ lunch box.

Unfortunately, not many parents do that and prefer to offer their kids money or junk foods due to lack of time to prepare healthy foods.

In addition, it can not be ignored that, if your kids consume foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, they will have a healthy growth, since the physical and mental development of children is directly linked to their diet.

Among the foods that offer more versatility to assemble dishes for healthy snacks is the tuna which provides a lot of nutrients and can also be used in salads, sandwiches or wraps but also can be added to crackers or on toasted bread.

Tuna is ideal as a healthy snack idea for your school-age lunch box

Tuna is rich in nutrients as well as fish oil, therefore, it is one of the easiest ingredients to use for the preparation of foods for your kids. Here is how tuna is helping your kids grow healthier:

  • Growth – For the younger oned, the consumption of tuna is vital since it provides the necessary calcium to maintain the bones growth and vitamin D for a better absorption of this mineral;
  • Strengthening memory – According to some recent studies, tuna improves brain functions, memory, psychomotor speed, and cognitive flexibility;
  • Weight control – Tuna is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential oils and, therefore, it can maintain an adequate weight and a healthy cardiovascular system;
  • Reduce cardiovascular risks – The American Heart Association recommends consuming fish at least twice a week, including tuna as part of a balanced diet. Tuna consumption contributes to the reduction of triglycerides, the risks of obesity, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and many more;

In conclusion, next time when you have to prepare foods for your kids, use tuna which can be used in a variety of preparations and, also, is a healthy snack idea for your school-age kids’ lunch box.


Jeffrey likes to write about health and fitness topics, being a champion fitness instructor in the past.

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