6 Famous Diets That Helped Celebrities To Lose Weight

6 Famous Diets That Helped Celebrities To Lose Weight

Celebrities find all sorts of crazy methods when they have to get rid of extra pounds quickly. Some of them exaggerate when trying to lose weight, and nutritionists warn fans that it’s very dangerous if they imitate their idols.

Beyonce – The maple syrup diet
Beyonce is a big fan of the maple syrup diet. More specifically, the diva was forced to consume only maple syrup, cayenne pepper (strange combination!) and water for two weeks. It’s true that this helped her lose weight, but nutritionists are definitely against this type of diet. All healthy vitamins in the body are eliminated and this leads to fatigue and weakness, but the negative effects can be even more serious than that.

Renee Zellweger – The ice cube diet
Renee Zellweger is famous for the weight fluctuations that she had to suffer especially for the role of Bridget Jones. In order to lose weight, she started to eat very little carbohydrates, and as a dessert, she melted ice cubes in her mouth. However, fans should be warned that digestion problems may occur (not to mention the neck and teeth pain), and this usually causes headaches and stimulates, even more, the feeling of hunger.

Gwyneth Paltrow – The Juice Diet
Detox diets generate the hottest Hollywood talks. Gwyneth Paltrow promotes her diet on her personal website, which upsets the nutritionists who are saying that she is unconscious and doesn’t realize she gives the fans a negative example. The juice diet consists of two regular meals and two meals based on liquids (fresh juice, soup or water). It’s true that it makes the digestive process easier, but it also removes carbohydrates and energy from the body, leaving you tired and exhausted.

Reese Witherspoon – The baby food diet
Those who came up with the idea of the baby food diet claim that the energy intake of it is ideal for a day, helping you to maintain your ideal weight at the same time. Reese has been following this diet for a while, but it seems that, besides the fact that the taste is not very pleasant, you get to starve yourself, and that can’t be good for your body.

Victoria Beckham – Eat Like a Bird
Victoria is famous for her silhouette and was often suspected of anorexia. She managed to invent a crazy diet called “Eat Like a Bird”. Specifically, the diva eats only a shake daily containing strawberries, green lettuce, soy beans, and more types of algae. Victoria could not afford to add any dessert or snack.

Christina Aguilera – The 7-day diet
Christina’s diet is about keeping your attention on the colors of the food. For one week, the singer was only allowed to eat foods that had the following colors: white, red, green, orange, yellow and “rainbow”. Nutritionists haven’t found a connection between the color and the caloric intake of a food, but the artist has managed to make this type of diet famous.


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