6 Essential Foods For You To Have A Balanced Diet

6 Essential Foods For You To Have A Balanced Diet

To have a balanced diet, it is essential that the food you eat to contain the main three groups of macronutrients, namely, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, but always in the right proportions. It is also necessary to include certain foods that are not harming your gut bacteria, as the assimilation of nutrients or the metabolism of cholesterol, fats, and sugars depend on the microbiota.

6 Essential Foods For You To Have A Balanced Diet

Starchy foods

These foods provide resistant starch that serves as food for the microbiota. A plate of freshly cooked pasta does not. It must be left to cool in the refrigerator for 24 hours for the carbohydrates to become resistant.

Also, 5 to 8 servings a day of foods rich in carbohydrates are essential as a primary source of energy. Rice, wholemeal bread and pasta, oats, barley, and fruits are optimal sources of slowly-absorbed carbohydrates.

Foods rich in insoluble fibers

Insoluble fibers are mostly found in whole grains. They do not dissolve in water, and they partially ferment in the intestines. By retaining water and not dissolving in its presence, insoluble fibers form a viscous mixture that accelerates intestinal transit. It is beneficial because it provides a feeling of satiety and cleanses the intestinal mucosa.


Yogurt is the most accessible source of digestive bacteria. Soya yogurt also has excellent protein content. Other varieties are coconut yogurt, oat yogurt, and nut or seed milk.

Other sources of probiotics are kefir, miso or tempeh.


Pickles are fermented vegetables where probiotics are combined with the prebiotic fibers of vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, chili peppers, onions, cabbage, and so on.

Foods rich in inulin

Inulin is one of the most effective prebiotic fibers, very effective in a balanced diet. It is found in oats, endives, artichokes, yams, onions, garlic, leek, and asparagus. You can take 2 to 4 servings of these foods, and supplement them with four more servings of fruits and vegetables.

Foods rich in Omega 3 fats

If you use olive oil to dress salads or cook vegetables, along with some avocado and a serving of nuts, you’ll get the Omega 3 fats your body needs to be healthy. You only need to include 1 or 2 servings of foods rich in Omega 3 to ensure that you have a healthy, balanced diet.


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