5 Ways To Reduce Added Sugar From Your Diet And Lose Weight

5 Ways To Reduce Added Sugar From Your Diet And Lose Weight

For several years now, nutritionists and endocrinologists have pointed out that the main problem of our diet in maintaining a healthy weight, lose weight, or living a healthy life is not fats, as we have been thinking for decades, but sugar. The added sugar is related to an increased risk of overweight and obesity, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and even an increased risk of some types of cancer.

5 ways to reduce added sugar from your diet and lose weight

Avoid sugary soft drinks

A 100 ml serving of cola, for example, has 11 grams of sugar. The amount of added sugar in these types of drinks is enormous.

Therefore, one of the first steps to take if you want to reduce the added sugar is to stop drinking sugary soft drinks.

Change your breakfast menu

Review the products that make up your usual breakfast. Are there cookies, sweetened coffee, or breakfast cereals? If you take a look at the ingredients of all the products usually sold for a healthy breakfast you will see that their sugar content is very high.

So if you want to reduce the total amount of sugar you eat per day, it might be a good idea to rethink your breakfast and start eating toast, fruits, whole cereals with no added sugar, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and so on.

Eat fruits raw not juiced

Fruits are an essential part of any diet, and although they also contain sugar, that’s natural sugar, not added.

The reason why you should eat fruits raw and not juice them is that fruits are an excellent source of fiber, which makes it a much more complete food than if we turn it into juice.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods contain lots of harmful ingredients, including fats and preservatives. But, among them, the sugar is leading by far.

Be careful though, because added sugar is commonly hidden by the producers under different names, such as syrup. Thus, to reduce added sugar from your diet and lose weight, you might consider ditching processed foods.

Avoid using artificial sweeteners

Gradually giving up to the sweet taste and learning to appreciate other flavors is not an easy task, I know. You might be tempted to reduce added sugar and replace it with artificial low-calorie sweetener to lose weight.

Well, that’s a bad idea for multiple reasons, but the main ones are that artificial sweeteners are linked to diabetes and even weight gain. Instead, try to sweeten your foods with honey or stevia but do it with moderation if you want to maintain a healthy weight.


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