5 Tips To Banish The Flu Recommended By Nutritionists

5 Tips To Banish The Flu Recommended By Nutritionists

Remain healthy during the flu season using 5 tips to banish the flu recommended by nutritionists.

1. Garlic combats flu.

Healthy foods don’t need to contain fancy spices or hard-to-get ingredients. Garlic is so common that many people forget to eat it, while others avoid it due its unpleasant smell. But garlic is the best natural antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, and antibacterial.

Allicin, the active substance in garlic is released when garlic bulbs are crushed. Ideally is to crush the bulbs with 10 minutes before adding them to your preparation.

Also, you can eat it raw if you support its spicy taste.

2. Make sure you have a healthy bacterial flora.

Doctors and nutritionists have discovered that the intestinal bacterial flora represents 70% of the immune system in the human body.

Taking probiotic supplements is a good way to be sure your intestinal bacterial flora is at its normal levels. Also, you can take the necessary beneficial bacteria from foods. Some of the foods that have rich content of probiotics include yogurt, Kimchi (pickled cabbage recipe from South Korea), Kefir, Kombucha (fermented black tea), apple cider vinegar, and Tempeh (fermented soybean product originally from Indonesia).

3. Drink a lot of ginger tea!

Ginger root has been proven to have powerful anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, therefore, it is ideal to combat flu. Also, if you already caught a cold, drink a cup of ginger root tea as it is reducing fever and eliminates the toxins from the body.

4. Take a Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D is only produced by the body under the action of UV rays. Therefore, during the winter season when cloudy and cold days are more common, many of us will suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency.

Supplementing your diet with a Vitamin D dietary supplement is, therefore, ideal during the winter season. However, Vitamin D is also found in foods such as fish oil, eggs, cheese, salmon, and pork meat.

5. Make physical exercises regularly.

For increasing your immunity, physical exercises are ideal. Sport is a healthy activity to practice, no matter what your reasons are.

Even more, recent studies have proven that moderate exercises, if done regularly, are increasing the body’s production of antibodies, on the short-term, while, on the long-run, it has valuable effects on the immune system.


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