Tesla Race Series Is Official!

Tesla Race Series Is Official!

At the British Auto Show that was held one year ago, was presented the final version of the Tesla Model S P100D sedan that was specially designed for racing. In 2017 the model participated in several competitions but the most important thing is that Tesla Race Series is official and FIA approved it.

Tesla Model S P100D is propelled by an electric motor that produces 778 horsepower and can accelerate to 60 mph in only 2.1 seconds.

The first version of the Tesla prepared for the Electric GT championship was shown in September 2016. It was then planned to build the racing car based on the P85+, equipped with a 420 horsepower engine and an 85 kWh battery. With such a propulsion unit, acceleration up to 60 mph is done in 4.2 seconds.

Later, the competition’s organizers decided to make racing cars based on the most powerful version – the P100D, which has always enabled the Ludicrous system.

Compared to standard Tesla S models, the racing ones are lighter by 1000 pounds. Furthermore, they will receive a sports aerodynamics, special tires, a reset suspension, a protective cage and sports seats.

In the Electric GT Tesla Series, 20 pilots from 10 teams will participate. The races will be organized on a number of European circuits, including the Nurburgring. A weekend will consist of 20 minutes for practice, 30 minutes of qualifying, and 2 races of 60 kilometers each, one of which will be organized on the day and the other at evening.

Officials have also stated that on the circuit where drifting is possible, the top two racers of the day plus two of the most voted racers of the day will participate in a special drifting competition.

Yesterday, on February 1st, Electric GT’s officials announced that the motorsports governing association, the FIA, approved the Tesla-only Series under the name of The Electric Production Car Series.

The races will be broadcast live on Youtube, Twitch, and Periscope.


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