Why Rice Can Be A Great Ingredient In Homemade Skincare Products

Why Rice Can Be A Great Ingredient In Homemade Skincare Products

There are many ingredients in the world of cosmetics – things that hydrate, things that exfoliate, things that purify and so on. Commercial creams usually combine several of these ingredients, but according to Japanese lore, there’s one thing that has universally great effects on skin, when prepared and used properly. And that thing is rice.

Scientifically, rice does indeed have plenty of qualities and compounds in its make-up that make it an excellent source of skin elasticity and youthfulness. The inositol it contains stimulates blood flow in capillaries, which fosters faster skin regeneration and give your face a pleasant glow. The vitamin B complex inside rice is also very beneficial to skin, hair and fingernails. Another important ingredient in rice is phytic acid, which is a gentle exfoliating agent. And, as a cherry on top, rice water has a profound hydrating effect on the skin.

To prepare a cleansing, rejuvenating mask for your face, all you need are four ingredients. Start with three tablespoons of organic brown rice. Make sure it’s grown in a bio culture, so as to avoid the risk of left over pesticides or any such damaging chemicals. Have some distilled water ready (you’ll only need about two tablespoons). You’ll also need a couple of tablespoons of ripe, soft avocado, and a teaspoon of honey.

The way to prepare the face mask is very simple, and yields the lovely hydrating rice water at the same time. Simply boil the rice until tender, then strain and keep the water for later. Mix the cooked rice with the avocado, honey, and distilled water, until the concoction is smooth and consistent. You can use this cream on your face right away, keeping it on for 15-20 minutes, then removing it with cotton swabs. The final step is rinsing your face with the rice water, which is where the exfoliating and hydrating effect comes in. Japanese women even swear by this water’s ability to treat acne.

The most important thing to keep in mind about this treatment is that it should be prepared afresh each time. Don’t just cook a pound of rice and keep some for later, it won’t work. Keep it fresh and clean, and it will have noticeable effects on your complexion, quickly and painlessly.

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