Men Fashion Tips – Wardrobe Plays an Important Role for a First Impression

Men Fashion Tips – Wardrobe Plays an Important Role for a First Impression

“You will not have a second chance to make a first impression,” Coco Chanel once said.

The male wardrobe plays an important role in creating the first impression. After all, if a woman does not like how a man is dressed, acquaintance cannot take place. We will help you to find out what ladies are most annoyed in men’s clothes. We hope, our advice will help you to dress with taste and attract women’s attention.

In the poll on the men’s fashion, 535 active users of the dating site took part in a serious relationship. Among them were slavic girls, who helped to identify the five elements of the men’s wardrobe, which are especially disgraced to the fair sex.

Take it off immediately!

#1.The main symbol of bad style was sandals worn on socks. 88% of ladies disliked them. Proceeding from this, our first useful advice for men: wear open shoes according to the weather only on bare feet, and save socks for closed shoes. So you are more likely to like a woman.

#2.Also the majority of ladies (84%) consider a sign of bad taste when men wear a tracksuit everywhere. We advise men to wear a sport uniform only for their intended purpose, that is, during sports activities. In other circumstances, such clothes look inappropriate.

#3.A large chain around the neck does not like 67% of the women surveyed. Therefore, our next useful advice for men: everything should be in moderation, do not attract attention to very large or screaming accessories, even better it will be a highlight in the form of stylish watches or cufflinks.

#4.Floral patterns do not appeal to 53% of respondents. Women appreciate men’s masculinity, and flower patterns is rather an element of women’s wardrobe. Therefore, our advice to men: if you are not on vacation at sea, avoid such an ornament. More concise solutions will make a better impression on the fair sex.

Jeans and dirty shoes.

42% of the fair sex expressed their negative attitude to jeans with patch pockets on the sides. Useful advice for men: choose jeans or pants that do not distort the lines of your figure. In this case, women will appreciate it.

In addition, women noted that pointed-toe shoes, jeans with a low waist and dirty shoes also do not make a man more attractive. Do not underestimate this nuance, because, even a well-designed wardrobe will not produce the proper effect without polished shoes.

For today it is possible to combine elements of a suit with clothes in street style. This is an actual and compromise option for those who want to look stylish and do not hurry to remove the classics.

We propose to consider options for combinations of clothing in formal and street style. Such an image will be relevant in the office, if there is no strict dress code, and also for everyday wear.

Selecting a combination, it is important to balance. For example, some world-scale stars, in particular, Justin Timberlake, wear white sneakers of genuine leather with a jacket on two buttons. But there are less successful combinations. For example, Ed Sheeran puts on a suit with a glossy tint and a tie with black high sneakers Nike.

Since interest in sports is growing, T-shirts are becoming popular. They embody the street style and emphasize the figure.

A good version of the image is a light T-shirt with a classic neckline and dark-colored trousers. You can supplement the image with stylish wristwatches like Breguet Marine and sunglasses. It is important that clothes, especially a T-shirt fit the size. Pants can be slightly narrowed to the bottom, and a T-shirt is moderately tight.

Many designers approve of the combination of a T-shirt and a costume. In this way, you can demonstrate not only the variety of your wardrobe but also the absence of a boss controlling the dress code of subordinates.

Experts advise choosing neutral-colored suits without a fancy cut. Then they fit undershirts of different colors.

It is better to choose suits of muffled, better dark tones, without intricate design. Sneakers should be quality, leather with minimal decor or without it. Remember – your clothes – is the reflection of your personality!


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