This Woman’s Post About Her Selling A Nasty Rooster Is Hilarious

This Woman’s Post About Her Selling A Nasty Rooster Is Hilarious

Just a  few days ago, another post on the internet easily caught everybody’s attention due to its rather bizarre approach, let’s say. Apparently, a woman wanted to get rid of her roost and thought that the best way to do just that is to attract the attention in a bizarre post.

She wrote on social media the following message: ”FREE to good home. Well, any home really. At this point I don’t give a s**t what kind of home this inconsiderate jerk goes to: A**HOLE ROOSTER. (…) you’re coming out to catch this a**hole.” So much for the friendship between the two. But she didn’t stop right there. The woman also gave an explanation in which the rooster’s personality and habits were precisely detailed.

Among the most annoying habits of the rooster is the fact that he acts as if he were an alarm clock in the morning. The only problem would be that for the rooster, morning means 5.30 am. She advises people that there is no snooze button, it just can’t be stopped. Oh and by the way, the rooster enjoys being the alarm clock right outside your window.

Another weird thing about this domestic animal is his aggressive behavior. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed since you started to spend time with him. You can’t just “turn his wildness down.” The rooster usually runs after anyone nearby. The woman claimed that she managed to get away with it but the next owner won’t probably be that lucky. She says that she’s giving away for free (even emphasized the word twice!) this personal trainer, alarm clock without a snooze button and the dance instructor only if someone is willing to come and catch it.

The woman’s internet post was so hilarious that people started claiming that they do not specifically want the rooster but they would be thrilled if they could befriend the woman who wrote about it.

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