UN Report Warns that Earth is Losing Species of Plants and Animals at an Alarming Rate

UN Report Warns that Earth is Losing Species of Plants and Animals at an Alarming Rate

Four scientific reports done by the UN warn us that our planet is losing animal and plant species at a very high pace, a factor that could do a lot of damage to our planet’s biodiversity.

What is going on?

This Friday scientists that have met in Colombia issued these reports. They looked on a worldwide spectrum at how the world in doing so far. What is their main conclusion? No place is safe from the damage that is being done.

By now you may have asked yourself why it is so shocking that species die out. After all it is a normal occurrence to an extent. However, in order to make sure that we can still live on this we need to take care of the planet’s biodiversity and not contribute to it decreasing. We heavily rely on it not just for food but for clean water as well, among others. This will not affect us in the short run but it will prove to be a problem in the future if we do not start to fight against it right now.

The scientists that worked on these reports referred to the most visible way in which species die out, by us hearing about species of rhinos, tigers, elephants and other exotic animals becoming extinct. This is all linked to the increased number of people on the planet since more people require more food and more clean water to survive. Biodiversity is also hurt by pollution, overfishing, industrial waste and other factors.

Can we fix this?

The scientists said that, in order for this problem to be fixed, governments need to take a stand, to enforce rules that ban these practices and offer more eco-friendly ones. Moreover, people can also help on their own by becoming aware of their impact and taking steps to lessen it.


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