Funny Giraffe Fall After It Got Back In The Wild Caught On Video

Funny Giraffe Fall After It Got Back In The Wild Caught On Video

The South African giraffe was too eager to get back in the wild and ran out of the trailer but fell immediately. The whole hilarious event was captured on video by the team who released two giraffes back into the wild near the South African border with Botswana.

Two giraffes were planned to be released back in the wild in South Africa. Well, what was supposed to be just another routine job turned out to be much more hilarious than expected.

The first giraffe that was released missed the ramp of the trailer which was carrying it and its companion as it was running to freedom. The result was hilarious because the giraffe fell into the bushes that were right behind the trailer.

However, the giraffe’s bad luck didn’t end there. While it was trying to rebalance and stand up, its companion, the second giraffe, ran out from the trailer and knocked it down again.

Fortunately, the giraffe was not harmed by the hilarious events.

The two giraffes were moved from one part of the South African habitat to their new home, somewhere near the South African border with Botswana, in the north of the country.

The giraffes are on the brink of extinction in Africa, at the moment being less than 100,000 giraffes on the African continent. The African authorities in domain took some measures to save the giraffes, but frequent conflicts on the African continent represent an impediment for the animal protection organizations to achieve their goals.

However, the video remains hilarious and it was already posted on news sites and on Youtube and was shared by many people, already, even though it is quite new. The video will most probably become viral and the poor giraffe will make viewers laughing out loud. Fortunately, now the giraffes are back in the wild, healthy, and exploring their new home.


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