A Dog Returns Home After 10 Years

A Dog Returns Home After 10 Years

The animal world is surprising, that’s a fact, and we don’t know much about how animals think and feel and why do they act as they do, sometimes. To increase the mystery about how animals think, feel, and act here is the story of Abby, a dog that returned home 10 years after straying from her home, leaving her family without knowing where she was.

Debra Suierveld mourned her dog, Abby, when she ran away from the family home in Apollo, Pennsylvania 10 years ago, as she believed the dog ran and died hit by a car or something.

Although the dog was having a chip implanted, Ms. Debra Suierveld did not hear anything about the whereabouts of the beloved dog.

On Saturday, Abby arrived about 10 miles away, on George Spiering’s porch. He contacted Alleghany Valley’s Animal Protection staff, who was able to read the details of the dog’s chip and made contact with his owner.

Ms. Debra Suierveld told for the Tribune Review that “She kind of came back from the dead.”

Abby, a black Labradorador mix, was in good condition when it was found and although nothing is known about where did the dog live until returned, Ms. Debra Suierveld thinks that she had to have a house and was neat.

“They took good care of her. No matter what they called you, it was wrong, you’re Abby,” said Ms. Debra Suierveld.

Abby is now 13-year-old and has a graying snout and fat deposits, although both are normal for a dog of her age. However, the dog is healthy and happy.

Although she was most probably called a different name for a decade, Abby still responds to Abby, her first name, for the joy of Ms. Debra and her family.

The Suiervelds plan to have a family reunion dinner to give their pet a warm welcome back home party.


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