The Cheetah Runs Fast Because Of Its Ears But These Other Animals’ Ears Are Also Not Only For Hearing

The Cheetah Runs Fast Because Of Its Ears But These Other Animals’ Ears Are Also Not Only For Hearing

The Cheetah is considered the fastest animal in the world as it can run with more than 65 mph. But recent discoveries showed that the Cheetah can maintain its balance at such high running speed because of its internal ear.

Researchers have studied hi-res images of 21 animal skulls of large cats, different Cheetah species, and one extinct Cheetah species. The scientists used scans to replicate 3D images of the inner ears of the 21 animal skulls and observed that the Cheetah’s inner ear is the biggest and concluded that this is how is Cheetah capable of keeping its head still and maintain its balance when running with more than 65 mph.

However, there are also other animals that use their ears for other purposes than hearing.

The Fennec Fox

The Fennec Fox is a desert animal and the smallest fox on the Earth. However, even it is quite small, it has huge ears for its size. The main purpose of Fennec Fox’s big ears is to hear the prey below the ground.

However, its big ears are also dissipating the heat like a radiator helping the fox to remain cool.

The Elephants

As it is the biggest animal on the planet, the elephant’s ears are also huge. The elephants’ hearing sense is very accurate as they can hear sound from more than 6 miles away.

However, besides having a really accurate hearing, elephants are using their big ears as ventilators to keep their heads cool, literally.


Fishes don’t have external ears like mammals, for example, but they do have inner ears. However, they can’t hear only with that inner ears. Some fish species have a mid-line on their bodies which is, in fact, formed by small organs that can detect vibrations which will be then transmitted to the inner ear.

Other fishes have a swim bladder, a bag inside their bodies, which transmits the vibrations to the fishes’ inner ears.



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