VIRAL: Watch Cutest Red Panda in the World Being Adorable

VIRAL: Watch Cutest Red Panda in the World Being Adorable

It’s no secret that cute animal videos almost always go viral. It doesn’t matter if it’s the common household pet cat or dog, or a more exotic animal like a tiger or a kangaroo. We just love to watch the adorable and silly shenanigans those kooky little furry creatures get into. The newest cute animal viral video features the most adorable red panda in the world, a resident in Himeji Central Park in Japan.

The animal can be seeing exiting its den, only to be bewildered by a rock on the edge of the enclosed area he lives in. The red panda is very quick to react to the rock, adopting a threatening pose (that honestly looks totally cute to us) and trying to intimidate the inanimate object for a good fifteen seconds, before realizing it’s actually harmless. The video clocks in at exactly 31 seconds and can be watched here.

Cute but Endangered

While the red panda is called a panda due to his bear-like appearance, he is in fact not related to bears at all, but rather to raccoons and ferrets. It’s a relatively slow animal that lives on an herbivore diet and generally sleeps for most of the day. The red panda is about the size of a big cat, and has a general reddish color to its fur. Unfortunately, this cute little critter is also an endangered species, and can now be found in very select forested areas, as well as natural reservations and parks (such as the one in the video).

While the video itself is very cute and joyful, the sad part is that the animal in it is one of the last living members of its species. Such videos should always remind us that, if we think animals are cute and like watching them do silly things, we also should work hard to protect them.

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